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Virtues of Reading and Teaching of Holy Quran

  • 9 Aug, 2019

To ponder over the verses of Allah is a form of adoration; it is something that will draw us closer to Allah Almighty. This speculation is not heady and wandering over. Allah Almighty says in [Quran: 4:82] “Then do they not ponder upon the Quran? If it had been from (any) other than Allah, they would have encountered within it much contradiction.” The book of Allah is different than any other. It is the study guide for life, death and what comes after. Thus, it deserves a far more deliberate study than anyone else’s speech. It requires that its readers return to the former narrations of those who saw its revelation and evidenced its revelation and heard its explanation by the one delegated by Allah to rehearse and explicate His Words to Humanity, Muhammad (peach be upon him). For if one would try to think over the meanings of the verses without having completed this study, then definitely the dirt of the time that he lives in and his cognitive content of the correct application and proposed by Allah Almighty and therefore he would go away from the right path, thinking to be revering Allah. So, let every sincere Muslim who desires to earn Allah’s love by reading and thinking over Allah’s Book hold firmly to the meanings explicated by the Prophet (peace be upon him) and those instructed by the companions and their prompt followers and the former scholars of Islam. Dear Muslim brother and sister, don’t forget that reading and reflecting over the book of Allah and giving regular time to its study and execution has magnificent benefits in this life and the next. Each benefit endures as enough of a boost to shun any indolence we have and devote ourselves completely to the Quran.

Reciting and teaching the Quran fulfills an Islamic duty

The Prophet (peace be upon him) summed up this religion with his statement: “The religion (Islam) is offering sincere advice.” The sincerity to the book of Allah includes learning and following the rules of Tajweed, regular recitation, reciting it in a rightful manner, teaching and learning the reasons for its revelation and its Tafseer, confirming that it is the truth, the pure speech of ALLAH and not part of conception, observing it and defending it, complying the orders and prohibitions found in it and calling to it.

Holy Quran heightens One’s status in this life

In Sahih Muslim, which is the most authentic book of prophetic narrations, we get to read a beautiful story about a man from the people of heaven, “Umar bin Al-Khattab (R.A) inferred this principle. The story states that once some men inquire him during his sovereignty as caliph about the leadership of Makkah. The men inquired: “who do you use to rule Makkah?” He replied “Ibn Abzaa.” They asked: “And who is he?” Umar said: “A Freed striver from those we released.” They pointed out: “You left a released slave in mastery of the people of the valley?” he answered: “indeed he is a reciter of Holy Quran and is well-versed about of responsibilities of the Muslims. Haven’t you listened the statement of Prophet (peace be upon him): “Verily Allah heightens some people by this book and brings down others by it”?

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