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Learn Quran Online Academy UK

Special Online Quran Courses for Kids

Learning Quran Academy offers best online Quran tuition for kids. We designed online Quran courses to learn Quran with best Arabic accent. Online Quran classes are specifically arranged according to the age and ability of the children.

We have short and effective online Quran classes for kids so that they do not feel boring and can learn Quran with very interesting way. In online Quran courses, children can learn basic Islamic knowledge, Tajweed, Hifz, Arabic, Duas along with Quran and Qaidah learning.

We are here to teach your child in the best possible manner. Online Quran classes will save your time and money. We will groom the personality of your child by the teachings of Quran. The first step for a child to learn Quran is to learn how to pronounce it. We will teach them to pronounce the words correctly.

You will see fruitful results in your child after some online sessions with us. We will help your child in practising the teachings of Islam, which will be beneficial for you and your child in the life here and hereafter.

Today Muslims are at the edge of chaos, they are left behind in every field of life. They are financially, culturally, socially and politically very weak only because they are not understanding and practising Quran. The only solution to overcome the miserable plight of Muslim is to resort to the teachings of Holy Quran. Quran is the spiritual guide for everyone, understanding and practising Quran will result in a successful and prosperity of Muslims..

Online Tajweed Courses Courses For Children

Learning the Quran with Tajweed for kids helps how to recite the Holy Quran in the way as it should be recited. All our Tajweed teachers are Ijaazah holders. They are fully authorised and certified teachers.

Quran definitely is the ultimate truth and the greatest source of guidance. Quran is not just a book; it is the complete code of life. It is the book which has made human beings different from the animals. It has differentiated between write and wrong. It is the last guidance of Allah for the humans. In Quran Allah almighty has defined all the laws of living a life good life, having a peaceful and prosper society and told us the real meaning of life.

Quran Memorization

Hifdhul Quran course is offered for those children who want to memorise some Suras or want to memorise the whole Quran. We have many children who have memorised many parts of Quran.

Online Arabic Learning courses For Kids

We have certain goals for this course. Students learn how to read Arabic script and understand. Learners will be able to write and will be able to speak Arabic after completing the all levels.

We offer special online Arabic learning courses for kids. We hire Native Arabic teachers to teach proper Arabic to kids. You can choose class timing according to your schedule. You can avail the services of Native Arabic teacher male/female for your kids. Besides this, comprehensive Arabic courses, Arabic reading, writing and speaking courses, Modern standard Arabic courses and Arabic grammar courses are also taught. Our aim is to make our kids fluent in reading and understanding the language of Holy Quran.

Importance of learning Quran

A child’s brain is growing in his early ages, in the beginning of the life children learn to lead their life, so teachings of Quran are mandatory for the children. Reading and learning Quran also lead towards earning rewards. Teachings of Quran and Islam will keep your child on the right track. The more they will spend their lives in the light of Quran, greater are the chances of having a better life ahead. Students of the Holy Quran have been praised many times. Holy prophet PBUH said:

“The Best amongst you is (he) who learns and teaches the Holy Quran.”

Benefits of learning Quran

Everyone wants their children to follow the righteous path. The things a child will learn in his early ages will be a part of his character till his death. If Quran is taught to the children in the early ages it will mark lasting impressions in their whole life. If as a parent, you care for your child’s well being in this world and here after you must teach them Quran. They will only respect the sacred and holy things if they will learn and understand the religion in their early ages. when a child is small, they depend on their parents, it is the responsibility of every Muslim to teach their children the basic meaning of life. You can mold your child into a person of your choice. Quran will not only help your child to be a better person physically but will also help him to be healthy spiritually and morally.

Complete guidance

Quran tell us the purpose of life. It has covered every aspect of life. Quran will help your child to learn the ethics and moral and ultimately have a strong character. Learning Quran in the early ages will your child to be good human being and a better Muslim. You can seek guidance from Quran in any situation. It compulsory for every Muslim to learn and understand Quran. The early ages are critical, they decide life of a person, the teaching of this age can make or break a human being.

The Holy Quran is the last book of Allah Almighty. All Muslims are keen to read, learn and teach Quran to their kids at very small age so that they may understand how to learn Quran for kids. And this is the perfect age for our kids to take Quran classes online as at this age they will learn each and every word of Quran by heart.

Online Quran Classes for Kids On Skype

Our goal is to offer online Quran courses and classes for our kids at affordable fee. Online Quran tutoring program for kids is very easy way learn Quran online. We put our maximum efforts to arrange best tutors who have experience and certification in the relevant field.

We use Skype and Zoom to conduct online Quran classes for kids. We offer best online Quran classes for kids after school and over the weekend. Online Quran learning is faster option to learn Quran online at your own home. You can see what you children are learning everyday. You can see everyday progress and everyday learning with one of our best online Quran teachers. If you busy in your routine like work or other arrangements and can’t drive your children to the mosque then you can arrange an online Quran teacher and you can learn Quran online at home.

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If you interested any of the the courses for children then you can call us or contact us to register.

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