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Learning Quran Online Academy UK

How to Learn Quran From Online Classes

What is Learn Quran Online?

Learn Quran online, Quran is the divine book of Muslims, descended upon our Holy Prophet Muhammad by Allah. Quran is a source of guidance for Muslims regarding each aspect of life, ranging from worldly matters to spiritual issues. Due to this paramount role of Quran in each Muslim’s life, a proper understanding of its teachings has been a primary focus in Muslim households since the time of the Prophet Muhammad .

Therefore, it has been a norm to educate Muslim children about the Quranic teachings, their meaning, and their implied explanations. In today’s fast-paced world, where time is an increasingly scarce resource, it is rather difficult for Muslims to go to Mosques to gain knowledge about the Quran, especially in countries with a non-Muslim majority.

Therefore, taking advantage of the fact that geographical boundaries no longer hinder communications, the online institute ‘Learning Quran Academy’ is present as a convenient and portable option to people who wish to learn about the Quran from the comfort of their homes. In the form of a virtual academy, this website offers tutoring services to people to help them learn Quran online.

The feature that makes this mode of learning distinct from the traditional learning method is that the students can access the learning materials at any time, and at any pace, according to their requirements. The freedom to schedule classes that are compatible with their busy daily routine enables a high level of convenience for the students of this online institute.

How to learn Quran online?

Quran was descended upon the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ in the Arabic language. To capture the true essence of its meaning, the Quran must be read in its original language. This website offers multiple levels of Quranic education, such as Tajweed, Tarteel, Quran Translation, Arabic language tutoring, etc. Based on the level of prior familiarity of the students with the Quran, they can choose the type/level of education they prefer.

What is the best way to learn Quran online?

In an online medium such as the one provided by ‘Learning Quran Academy’, learning Quran is much easier for potential students and the methodology of learning can be expanded to a colorful number of options; in addition to the usual concept of online lectures about Quranic teachings, the website offers the facility for ‘one-on-one’ tutoring sessions for students who prefer a more comprehensive level of guidance.

Best Source to learn Quran online in the UK:

In countries with a primarily non-Muslim majority, such as the UK, traditionally learning Quran is very hard, if not impossible. It is not very practical for the Muslims to go to mosques far away from their residences regularly for Quranic education.

This online institute allows Muslims of all ages and genders to learn about the Quran from the comfort of their homes, wherever they may be in the UK. Due to its revolutionary model of providing education, this online academy is one of the best sources of learning the Quran online in the UK.

The easy-to-use interface also allows people of all ages to access and learn from this website, whether they are children looking to start their Quranic education, or even if they are adults looking for an advanced level of tutoring in the Quran. This website is an ideal source for adults in the UK to learn Quran online since it enables them to incorporate their Quranic education into their hectic daily schedule easily.

“In Surah Fatiha there is a cure for all ailments.”

Select Best Teacher to Learn Quran:

We have selected the best and the most highly qualified teachers for you to choose from as your instructor to learn the Holy book of guidance. We offer the best online Quran and Arabic teachers. Mostly our instructors are based in the middle east, especially from Egypt. The majority have memorized the Quran by heart and they also have an Ijaza in the narration (Qira’a) of Hafs & Shu’ba from Asem.

How to Learn Quran online through Skype:

Online Quran learning Via Skype is a standout amongst other choices to learn Quran online at home. You can learn Quran online through Skype effectively and quicker than even classes.

Advantages of Learning Quran online:

There are numerous advantages of Learning Quran Online
  • A student can have many advantages as they can get to the course content online whenever from the site. Students are not bound to be in one place physically, they can study from anywhere.
  • The crucial advantage of learning Quran online is that it offers you a chance to become familiar with the Holy Quran at pace and simplicity, wherever you feel at ease since it is a portable utility.
  • The best advantage you can get by learning Quran online over learning the Quran in the class is that students can, undergo training and take the sessions in their ideal time as per their busy schedule.
  • Learning Quran online is a helpful method to learn Quran, accessible and affordable to everybody.

Steps to follow to learn Quran Online:

The first step to start your learning process is to Sign up on the “learning Quran Academy” website. For your convenience, we allow you to choose one of our best teachers and the time which suits your circumstances. There are no time, place or gender barriers.

If you are a female, we will give you the best female teachers as per your comfortably. You are always free to choose your instructor; the next step is you have to discuss your syllabus and schedule with your selected teacher. After all these steps you are ready to start your course.

The lessons will be delivered by our qualified teachers through skype. We offer various online Quran courses both for kids and adults. You are free to choose from the following list of courses according to your circumstances: “Quran for kids”, “Recitation”, “Tajweed”, “Tarteel”, “Tafseer”, “Translation”, “Course for HifzQuran”, “Dora-e-Hadith”, “Learn the Urdu language”, “Arabic grammar” etc.

We offer you free trials, which will help you see and evaluate our services.

It is the responsibility of every Muslim to understand and learn Quran. Quran is a complete book, which has covered each and every aspect of life, and taught the correct way to lead their lives. Quran ensure that the one who learns and follows It, would have a prosperous life in this world and the next world.

Best way of learning Quran in this age:

There are many ways of learning Quran, the oldest way of learning Quran was going to the mosque or learning at home by a Quran teacher. But now a days, Muslims living in the non-Muslim countries find it difficult to find mosques for themselves and their children. Learning Quran in the mosque is not applicable, reachable or affordable to everyone. The best way to learn Quran is learning Quran through virtual academies along with many other students. In these virtual academies you can have experienced teachers from all around the globe. There is another option in virtual or online learning, you can get the classes from your tutor separately i.e. one to one.

Solution to your problems:

“Learning Quran academy” has solved your problem. We provide high quality religious education, our teachers are experienced and trained, they know how to use their capabilities rightly. These live classes are same as home tutoring. They are easy, affordable and accessible to everyone. Online academies give another benefit of time. You don’t have to worry if you or your child has a busy schedule. You can choose the time of your choice. Technology has made the concept of anytime, anywhere true.

Best quality education:

“Learning Quran academy” is known for providing best quality education. We make active use of technologies to make learning Quran easy for you. You can find variety of courses here, learning, memorizing, Tarteel, Tajweed, Quran translation and language courses etc. these academies has given more power to the customers, now you can choose any of the course, from any teacher at the time of your choice. Our teachers start from the basics, they teach you how to correctly speak Arabic and read Qur’anic words and then they slowly take you to the higher levels of Islamic education.

Advantages of learning Quran online

There are many advantages of online Quran

  • A student can have many advantages they can access the course content online anytime from the website. Students are not bound to be at one place physically, they can study from anywhere.
  • The crucial advantage online learning Quran is that it gives you an opportunity to learn the Holy Quran at pace and ease.
  • The best advantage you can get by learning Quran online over learning Quran in the class is that students can complete the training and take the sessions in their desired time in accordance with their busy schedule.
  • 4.Learning Quran online is a convenient way to learn Quran, accessible and affordable to everyone.


Although home tutors and mosques are the most used methods for learning Quran but due to technology evolution, everything is changed, technology has provided much more effortless and accessible methods for everyone. Online Quran learning is a new method of learning Quran, one of the best influences of technology and gradually becoming one of the most used method of learning Quran.

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