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Quran Memorization Courses

Memorization of Holy Quran takes sincere commitment and efforts. Yet, the rewards from Allah are huge in this worldly life and in the Hereafter. Quran memorization course is established for those who want to learn and memorize whole or part of the Holy Quran. Students will be guided step by step by our expert tutors, acknowledging that each student learns at their own pace, to achieve their targets. This course has been developed for kids and adults and this is an amazing course for learners who want to start memorizing Quran classes online without the fear to forget it. Those who can read Arabic can join these courses. Qualified, experienced and expert Quaries and Hiffaz conduct these classes.

1. Memorization of short surahs

In this category special lessons are offered to those students who want so memorize some particular surahs. Small surahs are recited in the prayer (salah). Every surah is taught with Tajweeb so that students can read them in prayer rather only reading Surah Al-Ikhlaas every time.

2. Memorization of significant surahs

Memorization of long and short surahs is offered in this course. Surah Yaasin, Surah Al-Rehman, Surah Al-Mulk are the famous surah most All Pagesof the students learn in this course. We also explain the virtues of these surahs to our students.

3. Memorization of complete Quran

Those students who are willing to memorize the whole Quran can join this course. An assessment of every student is done before the admission is done for Hifzul Quran. Anybody who wants to Hifz Quran must be fluent in reading Quran. Those students who can’t read Quran with fluency are trained by our tutors in their Makhrij. A short course of 8-10 hours has been developed for these kinds of students before starting Hifz.

4. Help in refreshing Hifz

Student who have completed their Hifz but they are not satisfied with the memorization and want to refresh their Hifz are helped in this course. Constant revisions are done with the Huffaz for revising and refreshing their Hifz.

How to Memorize Quran Online?

Remembering the Holy Quran is not an easy task. It’s a spiritual act and gift from Allah Subhanahu Wa ta’ala Himself. If you need to attain this gift, you must be willing to strive for it. You should be willing to overcome the challenges it offers. Memorizing the Quran is tough, but the blessings it offers you in this and the next world, makes it a task worth accomplishing. If you wish to attain those spiritual benefits, you must be willing to give in what it takes to complete this blessed task. Learning Quran Academy offers complete support and assistance for this act.

We offer a number of courses and one of the courses is the memorization Course. In this course, the student remembers the whole Quran. Allah guarantees a great deal of blessings and rewards for a Muslim who learns it by heart. The Muslim in the wake of remembering gets the title of Hafiz. Numerous Muslims desire to remember the Holy Quran. However, only few are blessed to finish this task. It is our Holy book and it is a source of direction for us as well. Learn it to benefit yourself in this world as well as in the hereafter.

Learning Quran Academy has an excellent record of helping students in memorization of the Holy Quran by heart.

We give an extremely basic yet powerful technique that any student can utilize to memorize the Quran by spending lesser time. Even a school going student can benefit from our methods and accomplish this incredible task, assuming he/she has the interest, dedication and enthusiasm that is required to learn the Quran by heart. Take the step. Join us to Memorize the Quran by heart.

Method to remember Quran Online:

1) New Memorization ( New Lesson)
This is the measure of new exercise you will remember each day.

2) Newly Memorized Portion ( Sabaqi)
This is the number of verses of the Holy Quran which you’ve remembered in the last 20 to 30 days. This part is particularly significant as it’ll determine whether the verses that you have memorized will retain for your lifetime or not.

3) Old Memorization Portion
This is a piece of the Holy Quran you’ve memorized and revised for at least 20 to 30 days. The number of verses depends on your progress, the amount of verses you’ve memorized. When you have completed memorizing the whole book, all you’ll need is to revise it time to time. This way, the knowledge will remain in your heart for your life time. However, you must make it a part of your routine to revise your learnings daily.

Methodology for Quran retention Online

Toward the beginning, the student needs to give 30 minutes to the instructor for classwork until 2 sections are memorized. After a while, the class time will be increased to about an hour in a day for 5 days per week. A student needs to manage all his given assignments at home in various lumps of 60 to 120 minutes. Generally, it takes about 3 years for a devoted student to finish memorizing the Quran. However, it’s not a hard and fast rule. The timeline can vary depending on the student’s performance.

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