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Islamic Studies Courses

The Islamic studies courses cover a massive range of subjects that are substantial for every Muslim including but not limited to Fiqh, Aqidah (creed), Science of Tajweed, Tafseer and Islamic History and science of Hadith. Each subject is split up into multiple levels of online Islamic classes that go from basic knowledge to advanced knowledge. Our curriculum of Islamic studies has been developed for kids and adults covering all levels.

Basic Islamic teachings

We teach pillars of Islam, beliefs of Islam, ethics and etiquettes of Islam, Duaas from Hadith and Quran and basic stories from the life of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon Him). Students are provided with continuous support throughout to learn Kalmas, Salah and other codes by heart.

Courses we offer:

The syllabus is split-up into sub areas that include recitation, memorization, tajweed and tafseer. The goal is to master the letters and their phonetics, understand the features of every letter and its articulation points and enable students to read the Quran without mistakes.

The Hadith presents a private source of divine guidance that Allah granted his prophet, which was alike in its nature to the Holy Quran. This course includes reading and understanding of Hadiths and how to apply it in our daily life.

A detailed syllabus that is designed to cement articles of beliefs like faith in Allah and Tawhid, belief in the holy Book and prophets, belief in the angels, belief in predestination and belief in the resurrection.

This course is developed to make a deep understanding in the different matters of Islamic law. It represents rules of Allah that are linked to actions like what is haram, wajib, makruh, mandub or mubah.

Islamic History:
The Islamic history syllabus addresses the full history of Islam from the start of creation. This course has been developed to originate identity and pride in Islamic history and accredits the accomplishments of Muslims across the ages.

If you are interested in arranging online Islamic Studies lessons then you can contact us to arrange an Islamic tutor.

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