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Allah Almighty revealed His final and last book, the Holy Quran to the last prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) for the guidance of humanity till the day of judgement.

Understanding of the Quran helps Muslims in evaluating the difference between right and wrong. The purpose of the revelation of the Quran is to provide guidance to the righteous people as it contains instructions which when followed lead them to become victorious not only in this life but also in the life hereafter.

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said:

اقرءوا القرآن فإنه يأتي يوم القيامة شفيعًا لأصحابه

Translation: «Recite the Quran, for it will come as an intercessor for its reciters on the Day of Resurrection» (Muslim).
Recitation of the Holy Quran brings a person closer to Allah Almighty. Moreover, every recited word of Quran becomes the light guarding us on the day of judgement & also it will become the cause of our forgiveness on the day of judgment.
Are you looking for a professional and an experienced Quran scholar who can help you recite the Quran in the way it is to be recited?

Learning Quran Academy UK is a unique Quran institute providing experienced Arabic teachers who can teach you the rules that need to be followed in order to recite the Quran correctly.We offers comprehensive Quran learning courses for kids and adults.

We have the best team of Quran scholars who have studied from world’s renowned Islamic institutions and they have decades of experience in the teachings of Tafseer & tajweed of Quran.

We are 100% flexible in our online Quran learning programme. You can start and join any time you want and there are no limits for ages and abilities. We have a huge variety of Quran learning courses so you will have multiple choices & can choose the course which is best suited to your individual needs.

Quran Reading With Tajweed Course for Beginners

This course is specially designed for adults and children to learn & understand the Quran from the very beginning. This course is a first step towards reciting & learning Quran online with Tajweed for absolute beginners.

After the completion of this course, the students will be successfully able to recite the Quran like an expert under the supervision of an experienced Quran teacher.

Learning Objectives for Quran Learning as a Beginner

This course will make you able to:

  • Recognise the separate forms of every Arabic alphabet.
  • Pronounce every Arabic alphabet correctly with 100% Arabic accent.
  • Recognise Arabic alphabets in their joint forms i.e; Beginning, middle and ending forms.
  • Join Arabic alphabets in order to form words.
  • Read, recognise and practice the exercises with short vowels’ sounds of required length i.e; Fathah, Dammah, Kasrah.
  • Read and practice the long vowels sounds in Arabic.
  • Recognise, read and practice Jazm, Shaddah, Sukoon and
  • Recognise words under Madd categories and to recite them for the appropriate duration
  • Recognise the STOP and PAUSE signs in the Quran, Huroof Muqattaat, stopping denoting pauses (Ramooz e Auqaf) that help in better recitation.

Books and Material for Quran Learning For Beginners

We do not recommend any special books for reading during beginners course, however, we often use Ahsanul-Qawaid, Qaidah Noorania, Noorul Bayan, Yaseen-Quran and other small books of Quran reading. If you want to take Quran lessons online over Skype, then we can share our material by video calling.

Quran Nazirah Course

This is the next step in Quran learning and very essential for those students who have successfully completed the preliminary Quran learning Course. Quran Nazirah is designed to help students to recite the Quran correctly without relying on transliteration in any other language or just memorization instead it helps them to recognise the shape of the Arabic alphabets. At the end of the course participants will be able to recite the Quran proficiently.

We provide courses and lessons to children as well as adults.

Learning Objectives

  • To be able to Recite Quran correctly and fluently
  • To be able to Have knowledge of stopping and pausing signs (Ramooz e Auqaf)
  • To be able to Recognize and implement the stopping signs in the Quran.
  • To be able to Recite Quran without making any mistakes with Tajweed rules.
  • To be able to Complete the whole Quran with Tajweed rules.
  • Learning Quran with Ijaazah holder teacher (Specialised in Tajweed)

Learn Quran With Tajweed

Quran is a unique book which contains deep lessons to guide humanity and to give them inner and everlasting happiness. Quran is the Book which has taken the humans out of the darkness of ignorance into the light of faith. Quran conveys the Information about the proper way of practising Islam. Teaches how to worship the creator correctly and seek His pleasure. There are different ways of learning the Quran, but the most basic and effective method is learning the Quran word by word which is known as Tajweed.

Importance of Tajweed (Pronunciation)

Arabic is the language rich in eloquence. It is one of the difficult and the best language in the world. There are many words in the Arabic language which seems to be alike in the pronunciation but have a huge difference in its meaning.

For the people whose native language is not Arabic, they do a lot of mistakes in the pronunciation, to avoid those we will help you learn from the start. For this purpose, Tajweed has great importance.

Tajweed is the procedure to make the reader proficient in reciting Quran. Its purpose is to avoid pronunciation mistakes. The student has to observe the correct pronunciation of every letter with the correct rules, without any kind of addition or deficiency.

Tajweed is a part of the Quran from the beginning, It was revealed with the tajweed rules applied to it. Angel Jibril recited the word of Allah, in the revelation of the Quran in a certain way. He defined the ways which are permissible to recite the Quran. So, it is very important for Muslims to learn Quran with tajweed in order to recite the Quran in the way it was revealed.

Steps to Learn

“Learning Quran Academy” provide high-quality religious education, our teachers are experienced and trained, they know how to use their capabilities rightly.

Steps the instructor will follow:

  • They will first teach you how to pronounce the words correctly by the help of reading Noorani Qaida.
  • They will teach you basic Arabic, as learning word by word is not possible without having the knowledge of Arabic language.
  • Your instructor will listen to your recitation and will correct you.
  • They will help you learn and memorize the rules of tajweed.
  • The procedure will be the same as learning any language, first, you will learn letters of Arabic, then the words and then the teacher will help you move towards sentences.
  • You will be given different exercises for practice to make your command on the language strong.

Our instructor will help and guide you in all the process. Our teachers are highly experienced, they know the techniques, by which they can make learning easy and interesting for you.

While you are in the learning procedure, you must keep in mind that the Quran is the word of Allah. It is the last message of Allah to mankind. You have to learn and recite it properly for the sake of Allah’s pleasure. When you will understand it, ultimately you will understand the meaning of your existence. After understanding and learning the Quran, you have to act upon the commandments of Allah and spread His message.

Introduction to Online Tajweed Courses

Tajweed pertains to the correct articulation of the words of Arabic. Arabic, just like English also consists of sounds that must be articulated in a good manner. Muslims almost all over the world are able to learn and understand the Arabic sounds yet, their articulation is ruled by the sound patterns of their parent language. Thus they are rarely able to pronounce the Arabic words in the way they are to be read, which therefore assist in having the best effect from recitation.

The Arabic word “Tajweed” is a verbal noun (Masdar), it comes from the Arabic root word jawwada meaning ‘to make better/correct’. When applied to Quran it means to recite every letter of the Quran correctly and clearly with its rights and dues of characteristics and observing all the rules that are governing the way in which the words of the Quran should be pronounced during its recitation. Learn reading Quran with Tajweed is one of the most essential and prominent knowledge and sciences of the Holy Quran. When the Quran was revealed there was no need for people to study Tajweed because they talked with what is known as tajweed as their language was similar to the classical Arabic (Quranic Arabic). They recited the Quran with Tajweed rules applied to it. They use to do Ghunnah (nasalization) and Qalqalah jerking the sound) etc. Now, however, today’s spoken and written Arabic has changed so much from the Classical Arabic with which the Quran was revealed, even the Arabs have to learn Quran online with Tajweed.

Here at we encourage people to learn Quran with proper Tajweed to make them proficient in reciting the Quran. We run courses for adults and children, providing lessons of Tajweed one-to-one, online and in small groups. These courses are designed for the students who have already completed the basic reading course of the Quran (Quranic Qaeda).

Importance of learning Quran with Tajweed Holy Quran is the literal word by Allah SWT. The concept it has, the meaning it conducts are matchless and not to be lined up in any book in the world. Moreover, to the profoundness of meaning that the verses of Quran convey, there is also its idealistic language that it makes it with the exception of any of the writings in the world in Arabic and in general.

Pertaining to the beautified prose style, which the Quran uses, the style in itself is unequalled. Still, it is when the reading of this style is done correctly that the actual effect of the Quran can be experienced and observed. This is the reason why the recital of the Holy Quran must be done with Tajweed. Allah Almighty spoke His Messenger Muhammad (peace be upon him) in the Holy [Quran 73:4], stating (what means): “Recite The Holy Quran with deliberate recitation.”

Hearing the Quran being read in a rightful manner is sufficient to soften even the toughest of hearts. Muslims and non-Muslims likewise feel it a profoundly moving experience, even if they don’t get what is being stated. Every Muslim recites Quran in prayers, but most of us don’t understand that reciting the Holy Quran right while following the rules of recitation is not a modern science for practised reciters alone, instead it is a responsibility of everybody whenever we recite the Holy Quran.

I have mentioned below what is the importance of learning the Quran with Tajweed.

The Emphasis put on Tajweed in Islam

Allah Almighty says in the Quran (2:121) “Those to whom we delivered the Book recite it as it ought to be recited, they are the ones that believe in that.”

The messages conveyed in this verse is obvious. The ones who truly believe in the veracity of the Quran and the message it conducts to humanity, they are the ones who read it in the way it is thought to be recited. This depicts that there is a proper way of the recital of the Quran. This if someone is not reading it correctly then they are reciting it in the incorrect way, which definitely needs to be corrected at once.

Importance of learning Quran Online with Tajweed

The above paragraphs and verses from the Quran display the emphasis that Islam puts on the correct recitation of the Holy Quran, which can’t be done without knowing the rules of Tajweed. Additionally, apart from proper recitation having complete knowledge of Tajweed is substantial because it helps in avoiding the following two severe mistakes;

1. Mispronunciation of the words in the Holy Quran. For example, merging of different vowel sounds inapt which is a severe mistake according to the scholars. This mistake is punishable.

2. Not honouring the rules of recitation. Holy Quran has its rules, for example, the reciter must stop at certain points and sometimes the recitation needs to be extended. If a person knows the rules of Tajweed this mistake can be avoided.

Learn Reading Quran with Tajweed Course

All Muslims have an obligation to recite the Quran according to the way it was revealed by learning and applying the rules of Tajweed. We offer special courses and lessons of Tajweed to make the reciter proficient incorrect pronunciation of every letter. We are specialised in providing Tajweed courses for beginners as well as on advance levels.

If you are not very confident in Quran reciting by observing the rules of Tajweed or have trouble with the correct pronunciation of Arabic letters (Makhaarijul Huroof) then Tajweed learning course would be beneficial for you in this regard. Not only we will teach you the correct pronunciation of the Arabic letters but you will also learn about the origin of Arabic letters which is a requirement of recitation.

Learning Quran with Tajweed is the foundation for every beginner and very essential because if the beginners have not learnt properly the correct pronunciation of every Arabic letter by a qualified Tajweed teacher then they will be struggling with what they have to learn afterwards. We provide courses and lessons to children as well as adults.

Who is this course for?

This course is for absolute beginners even for those who are not able to recognize Arabic alphabets but also for those who have learnt the Holy Quran but want to correct the pronunciation of the Arabic letters with the rulings and characteristics of Tajweed applied to it.

Learning Objectives

This course will make you able to:

  • Read the Quran fluently and accurately while adhering to the basic rules of Tajweed.
  • Recognise the shapes of Arabic letters
  • Read Quranic letters with correct pronunciation (Makharij)
  • Read the Arabic alphabet and know their origins
  • Recite the Quran proficiently with accuracy
  • Learn by heart the last 10 Suras of Quran using Tajweed rules
  • Read exceptional rules of Qira’ah (Quran recitation)
  • Recognise joint forms of the Arabic alphabet
  • Reading letters requiring Tafkheem (heavy sounds).

Intermediate Level Tajweed

In this course lessons will be facilitated by reciting Quran and practical exercises about the rules of Tajweed. Students who have successfully completed the beginner level will have gained basic understanding of the rules of Tajweed. At this level, we teach more rules and focus on accuracy and fluency while reciting. However, more emphasis is placed on developing correct recitation skills (Tilaawah).

Learning Objectives

After this course, you will be able to:

  • Learn the rules of Ghunnah, Izhaar, Ikhfaa, Hamzatul wasl and qata’l
  • Learn the rules of Meem Saakinah
  • Learn the rules of Laam Sakinah
  • Recite the letters of Qalqalah using Tajweed rules
  • learn Ramooz e Auqaaf

We provide courses and lessons to children as well as adults.

Advanced Tajweed Course Online

For students who wish to progress from intermediate to advanced level, we have this course. If you want a deep understanding of the rules, this course provides detailed explanations of Tajweed rules with Arabic terms. Throughout the course, students are given lots of opportunities to practise the rules of Tajweed.

By the end of this course, successful candidates will have a strong & deep understanding of the rules of Tajweed and will be able to use them appropriately.

Learning Objectives

After this course, you will be able to:

  • Correctly Implement the Tajweed rules by reciting some Surahs
  • Know the mandatory attributes of Arabic letters (Sifaat e Lazimah)
  • Know the temporary attributes of Arabic letters (Sifaat e Aridhah)
  • Know types and rules of assimilation (Idghaam)

Quran Tajweed Course

This course will enable the deep understanding of those learners who can read the Quran proficiently and with proper Tajweed and have some basic understanding of the meaning of the Quran.

This course is offered online and at the institute by Quran teachers who are specialised in the verses of the Holy Quran and are capable of teaching the basic rules of Tafseer.

Quran Translation

Our Quran translation course is designed for learners who already know well how to read the Quran but need help to understand its meaning and it deals with the fact-based definitions and special terms of the Holy Quran, as the main purpose of the revelation of the Holy Quran is to understand its meaning and act up according to it. We do not recommend any books for this translation course. Every student has different learning capabilities and our Quran tutors choose the appropriate book after the initial assessment of the student.

Methods of Quran Translation Learning

Every student has unique learning style & different goals like what they want to achieve and what they want to understand from the Quran. The simple and easiest way to learn translation is to read the translation of the Quran from the language they understand and are comfortable with. For this purpose, they have to rely on any acceptable and reliable translation of renowned Muslim scholars (Ulamaas). For beginners, this is the easiest way to learn Quran with tajweed.

There is another method to understand the Holy Quran directly without relying on Quran translation in any other language. This is although, time taking and need struggle but it is more beneficial than learning Quran translation from other languages. We have classical Arabic courses to make a student of Quran understand the Holy Quran directly in Arabic language.

Tajweed Learning Objectives

This course will make you able to Translate:

  • the literal meanings
  • Word by word definitions based on facts.
  • Basic Arabic terms
  • Basic Arabic grammar rules
  • To be able to Read first two parts of Quran with translation

To be able to Read first two parts of Quran with translation.

Learn Quran Online in The UK

Modern approaches of Learning the holy Quran in the UK

Learn Quran Online is the one of the easiest methods to learn Quran at your own home according to your own flexible timings.

Learning the Holy Quran and spending the live according to the teachings of Islam is required for Muslim men and women.

Learning Quran Academy UK is UK based online Quran academy. We are offering high quality online Quran classes and serviced from the UK. We have hundreds of satisfied parents and students. We have students all over the who are learning Quran online from the UK. Mainly we have students from these cities, locations and towns:

Learn Quran in London

Learn Quran in Birmingham

Learn Quran in Liverpool

Learn Quran in Nottingham

Learn Quran in Sheffield

Learn Quran in Bristol

Learn Quran in Glasgow

Learn Quran in Leicester

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Learn Quran in Leeds

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