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Cure of Anxiety by Listening Quran

Quran is a perfect example, a book full of wisdom and knowledge, for the people who want to attain goodness, perfection and success in their individual and social lives. This book is complete, its teachings has covered each and everything associated with humans. It has conveyed the message of Allah that, there is a reason behind the creation of humans. Holy Quran has explained the purpose of existence of humans and the right way to spend the life. If Muslims follow its guidance, it will lead them towards success in this world and the world hereafter. Holy Qura is the book of Islamic laws, equality and justice. Quran is the complete code of life. It is a cure of many diseases.


The only way to fight anxiety and depression is praying and remembering Allah. Have faith in Him, ask Him and worship Him, you will definitely be cured. Allah knows everything, he knows all of your worries. You should have a strong faith that he is the one by whom you will get the help.


Quran help the people to establish moral values and avoid misdeeds for the sake of the Allah, which is also helpful for the society. Understanding Quran develops desires of worshiping and obeying Allah. Obeying Allah means to be pure from in and out. Following Allah’s commands naturally develops a feeling of inner satisfaction which ultimately heals the soul.


Recitation and listening to Quran makes you relaxed, relieves anger, stress and anxiety. There are some surahs and verses which can help reduce anxiety, their meaning and messages can help people alleviate depression. Quran is a reminder for all the Muslims, it is a reminder that we as Muslims have a life after our death, and that is the real life. So, we should not take tension of this life, as this is temporary.


Quran says itself as a cure of diseases of heart which means it is the cure of diseases such as envy, jealousy, enmity, bad feelings for others. These diseases pollute our hearts and mind which leads to anxiety and depression. Allah forbids human to treat other Muslims or even the animals badly. As a human when a person doesn’t think or do bad for others these diseases of heart vanish and leave the heart filled with love and peace.


Allah guided us to forgive others. Quran says Allah loves forgiveness and forgiveness is one of the qualities of the people of Jannah. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) by his teachings also taught forgiveness. At the time of conquest of Mecca, He (PBUH) pardoned all his enemies. Forgiving others will bring a peace in your heart and life.

The Quran orders the Muslims to encourage the truth, justice, righteous and to stand against the evil and wrong. Islam taught us not to hurt others and fight with each other. All of these teachings lead us to inner peace and satisfaction which eliminates anxiety.


The teachings of Quran emphasize on promoting peace and helping people. Muslims who selflessly works for others, Allah gives them rewards. The feeling of helping others, specially the poor and needy, reduces stress and anxiety and give satisfaction, which in return reduces the physical effects of stress on body.

Remember, Quran says “on no soul do we place a burden greater than it can bear”. Be patient, have faith, on day you will definitely get the relief.

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