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How To Encourage Children’s To Learn Quran

All the Muslim parents have the responsibility to teach her children the Quran and also teach the values of the Holy Quran as they are able to read. The children always remember what was taught to him at an early age. As we know that a mother’s lap is the first school of every child. Every parent feels worried about her kid learning the Quran. It is an honor of every Muslim parent that their children love the Quran. There are many ways to encourage our children to learn Quran.

1. Parents as role models

Introduced yourself as a role model in front of your children, so that they can follow you. Make a habit to recite Quran every day after Fajar in a catching tone. Don’t force your children to must listen to the recitation; you need to grab her attention of few minutes at all her time. Eventually, they will listen for a longer period of time. Show them to the importance of the Quran and how much you love the Quran. It will encourage them to learn Quran Insha Allah.

2. Kids Programs

Many kid’s programs are designed to encourage all Muslim children who believe in the Islamic religion. They provide the fundamental training of Islam in very interesting ways like listen and write, Arabic exercises, Quran tajweed letters etc. Many ones on one online classes are designed to encourage the children to learn Quran in a very beautiful manner. They memorize Duas, verses, and kalmas in a very good way which the children memorize happily.

3. Stories of Quran

Tell them the beautiful stories of the Quran. Allah tells us a few stories in the Quran with the lesson or inspiration. Your bedtime story can be one of a few of them. And also give the reference of the story as the Quran. You can give them a task to read the Quran and share what is written in it and what they read today. It will help the children to visualize the Quran and increase their understanding./p>

4. Celebrate the small wins

Set the goals and reward the children for achieving the goal. You can encourage healthy competition between your kids. If he finishes a chapter of the Quran at a specific time you will buy a gift for a child. You will give a surprise gift if he/she finishes his lesson first. You should celebrate his/her success, no matter how small in order to keep their motivation high and improve their willingness to learn.

5. Family activities and play games

Do this with the whole family and ask small questions from the Quran. An example set up different teams to play against each other. Another example that everyone to participates with creative craft by making research. At the end encourages each other what they have learned. As Narrated by Uthman, Muhammad PBHM said.

The best among you are those who learn the Quran and teach it

As your children increase the knowledge of the Quran allow them to share it with their friends and teachers.


At the end, try your best to encourage the child to learn the Quran and trust Allah. The outcome is everything is up to Allah.

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