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Salat Is the Pathway to Success of a Muslim

  • 7 Dec, 2019
Salat is the second pillar of Islam and there is great significance of offering 5 time prayers. We Muslims perform each prayer by facing towards Kabah. Before Hijra, Muslims used to offer prayers facing towards Jerusalem. The purpose of salat is to focus the attention of your mind towards Allah, communicate with Allah and express his gratitude by worshiping.

In Quran, Allah says:

The one who offers Salat is protected from all the evil and shameful deeds.

Offering Salat is compulsory for every Muslim. There is no escape but under some certain circumstances, flexibilities have been provided. For example, if there is no space or a person is sick, he/she is allowed to offer Salat while sitting or lying. When you are on travel, then the prayers are shortened as well.

Importance of Salat in the light of Hadith

The prayers were even made obligatory on our Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. Once a man asked our Prophet about the deed that is most virtuous. Our Prophet replied that the most virtuous deed is prayer. The man asked about the most virtuous deed again. For the first 3 times, our Prophet replied it to be prayer. Fourth time, he said, its Jihad in the way of Allah.

From this hadith, it is clear that one of the best actions done in one’s life are praying to Allah and forming a relationship with Allah that is a combination of Taqwa, Imaan and Ikhlas. If you keep on regularly offering 5 time payers, then you can revive this relationship with Allah. If your prayers are sound and according to the rules, then your deeds will automatically become good. If your prayers are not sound, then your deeds will not be sound.

Benefits of Salat

If you have true remembrance of Allah and you turn to him for forgiveness, then it will have a lasting effect on you. When you will be done with your prayers, your heart will be filled with the remembrance of Allah and you will be hopeful as well as fearful of Allah.

If the prayers are offered with true feelings and the hope of forgiveness from Allah, then a Muslim is always rewarded with something good in return. Offering prayers make you feel purified and all your worries automatically get resolved.

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