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Importance of Jummah in Quran and Hadith

  • 7 Dec, 2019

Every Muslim is well familiar with the importance of Jummah prayer. It is one of the days in the week that unites many Muslims in mosques for offering the Jummah Prayer together.

The Holy Quran says the following about the importance of Jummah Prayer : “Those of you who believe, When Salat is announced on Jummah, rush towards worshiping Allah and drop all your business. This is better for you, if you only knew. Once the prayer is complete, you can spread in the land for seeking Allah’s bounties and continue remembering Allah frequently, for it may make you succeed.”
This verse explains it all that what importance this beautiful day has in Islam :
  • We all are certain that the Jummah prayer is quite significant.
  • A Muslim is required to listen to the Adaan by remaining silent and observe respect. Allah commands us to leave all the tasks as soon as you hear the Adaan.
  • You are not supposed to keep your business at priority especially at the time of Jummah Prayer.
  • It is compulsory to offer Salat on time. Allah does not command the Muslims to devote their whole time to prayers. He says that after the prayer is over, you can go back to your business. However, He says that you are required to keep on remembering Allah if you want to succeed.
  • The key to success only lies in remembering Allah.
More about the importance of Jummah

Imam Bukhari reported that beloved Prophet Muhammad S.AW. said :

“We Muslims came in last but we will be the first ones on the Day of Judgment. They received the books of Allah before us but we have received the book after them. Friday was their day to glorify but they disputed on that day. Allah told us to glorify the day of Friday and we will follow it. Hence they will follow us, the Jews who glorify Saturday and the Christians who glorify Sunday.”

That means that Jummah had been an important day for the previous nations before us as well. It was the day on which humanity began. it is the day of Jummah on which Muslims are required to recite as much Darood as possible. It was the day of Jummah when Hadrat Adam A.S was created and it was the same day when Hadrat Adam A.S entered paradise. The Day of Judgment will also be held on Friday.

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