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Importance of Muharram in the Light of Quran

  • 7 Dec,2019

Importance of Muharram in the Light of Quran

There are many such people and even Muslims, who are not fully aware of the importance of the month of Muharram. This month is not only important because of the incident of Karbala. There are several other reasons why this month is important for a Muslim. Quran and hadith both put light on the importance of this month.

It is mentioned in Quran in Surah Taubah :
“Total number of months in the sight of Allah are 12. According to HIM, the day on which HE created the heavens and the earths and of them 4 are sacred: that is the right religion. So, don’t wrong yourself.”

Significance of Muharram :

Here are some of the Hadiths and Quranic teachings that explain the importance of Muharram:

  • Allah has declared the month of Muharram sacred in the Holy Quran.
  • Allah has chosen the Month of Muharram to be the first month of the Islamic calendar.
  • Jews in Medina used to fast on 10th Muharram because on this day, Hadrat Musa R.A was saved from a tyrant ruler and his army. Prophet Muhammad S.A.W also asked Muslims to practice fast for the same reason. However, for distinguishing the Muslims from the disbelievers, he asked them to practice fast on 9th or 11th Muharram. If there is someone who wishes to fast on 10th Muharram also, then he is required to fast on 9th and 11th Muharram too.

Important events on Yaum-e-Ashurah

There are many other things that happened on this day. Yaum-e-Ashurah was the same day on which the earth came into existence. It was the same day on which Hadrat Adam A.S‘s tauba was accepted by Allah almighty.

Here are some other facts that show the significance of this day:

  • Hadrat Nooh A.S ark came onto the land on this day.
  • Hadrat Ibrahim A.S received the status of Khaleelullah on this day.
  • It was the same day on which Hadrat Yaqub and Hadrat Yusuf met after 40 years.
  • Hadrat Ayub A.S regained his health on this day.
  • It was the same day on which Hadrat Yunas A.S came out of the stomach of fish.
  • It was also the day on which the tauba of Hadrat Dawod A.S was accepted.

This shows that the month of Muharram and Yaum-e-Ashurah has a great significance in Islam. That is why it is essential for all Muslims to observe respect during this month. Allah has promised to provide reward and forgiveness to the ones, who fast during the month of Muharram.

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