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How To Memorize (Hifdh) The Holy Quran Quickly

  • 19 Jul, 2019

Memorization or “Hifz” of Holy Quran is a dream for every Muslim. Most brothers and sisters fail to do that due to their hectic schedules. They don’t have enough time to dedicate to memorizing the Quran. A detailed discussion with several Islamic Scholars, many of whom had memorized the Quran, revealed many helpful tips about memorizing Quran. They suggest how to memorize the Quran in spite of being busy with both household and work duties. The Holy Quran is a converting book because it contains the words of Allah SWT. Since its revelation in the 7th century, it has not been changed. Memorizing small surahs from the Quran will get you great rewards in the life hereafter. Memorizing it is also another way of preserving the sacred words of Allah.

I have divided your memorization period into 4 phases. Here I’m listing up some very effective tips for each stage of “hifz”…

Tips To Follow Before Memorization

1. Be the first in your family to wake up and try your best to offer Fajr prayer in the mosque. After finishing your morning prayers, dedicate several minutes for memorizing Quran. Make sure you don’t spend this time in performing superficial activities like internet surfing, watching TV, etc.

2. Be sincere and reincarnate your intention.

3. Pray for Allah’s help whenever you intend to memorize Quran or lack understanding and lose motivation. Turn to Allah SWT and ask him for help. Never underrate the power of du’aa in sujood.

4. Ask your friends, family members or course mates to be with you while memorizing Quran and encourage you for it.

5. Cancel other things like unneeded activities/meetings. Trim down the list of things you normally do. Spend more time getting into the mood and commence memorizing.

6. Always regret if you feel messed up! Keep in mind that Allah is by your side and ask refuge with Allah from Satan and keep moving forward. Nobody is perfect, and sin will keep you from continuing only if you remain empathetic!

Tips To Follow While Memorizing

1. Be that early to bed and early to rise kind of person. Offer fajr prayer and memorize your pages. It’s a suggestion by most of the Huffadh of Holy Qur’an.

2. Turn off all the devices you use if you don’t want to be distracted. It will help you profoundly focus on what you aim to memorize.

3. Read, recite, and repeat. Be sure that you recite the whole page properly following all of the Tajweed rules; you can listen to a reciter for correction. You can also read the page you aim to memorize multiple times before you sleep and also in the morning. Read the wispy verses and words meaning from a Tafseer, so that you understand what you are reading. Repeat the verse or page over and over again till you memorize entirely it.

Tips To Revise

1. Don’t only memorize but also spend time in revising the pages daily after memorization. Keep in mind that the Qur’an can be easily forgotten if you don’t do so.

2. The perfect way to be sure that your memorization is good is to recite the page while you pray. You can practice this in Thajjud.

3. Utilize the time you spend on transportation. Repeat and revise a particular page or listen to the reciter, reading it over and over again.

4. Make your revision strategy when you complete it. You can do it with a group of friends.

You can quickly memorize Qur’an regardless of your profession or age. Many stories will motivate you to take your first step in this journey. Start as soon as you finish this blog post. For more information why not read more about Quran Memorisation Courses.

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